As a creative woman, you have a story to tell, write and share. Have you been leaving your story in the confines of your notebooks, hard drive or mind? What purpose will it fulfill if no one reads it?

Unearthing a Buried Talent

It’s true in order to write a story for others to read can be unnerving. After all, you will have to endure the scrutiny of those who think your story is crazy. Perhaps grammar Nazi’s will eyeball your story, reminding you of your C level English you once were in school. Basically, it boils down to fear.


And I was afraid, and went and hid thy talent in the earth: lo, there thou hast that is thine. Matthew 25:25


This scripture is referring to a monetary value that was handed to a steward to invest. But actual talents are given to you by God for a purpose, and the purpose is for you to invest them in the lives of others.

When I was in fifth grade I discovered I enjoyed telling stories. My first story I wrote was rewarded by being placed on the bulletin board for all the students to read. The assignment was to write at least a page and a half. I got into my story and kept writing, coming up with twist and turns. Finally, I ended it with a cliff hanger. Students read my story from beginning to end intrigued to know what happened.

I smiled and encouraged them, “Why don’t you come up with what could have happened next.”

From that time till 30 some odd years later, I decided to write again. I have been writing for over 10 years on my personal blogs that updating our friends and family on our ministry. Then I ventured to write on internet marketing for a few years. Eventually, I was a freelance and ghostwriter for a while. I was involved in co-authoring a book with How Expert Press which was fun to write about a step-by-step guide on selling on eBay.

When Writing Became a Need

When a tragedy struck in my life I wrote No Baby to Cradle out of a need to find purpose in what seemed like negative circumstances. We had a stillborn baby in 2013 and I wanted to pour my heart out into something I hoped would bless someone else.




It was my first book and I was quite nervous. I have learned much since then, personally and professionally as a writer. I hope to go back and rewrite the book with a greater intent of being a blessing to the reader as I learn how to write memoirs.

Since then, I have written another book to encourage a dear friend of mine to live a victorious Christian life. And the past months I have dedicated to write my first two fictional novels of Love’s Weaving Hand – LWH series. Fiction was something I never thought I would write again. But remembering my first story I wrote in elementary school made me give fiction writing serious consideration.

My fictional stories also came to be because of circumstances in my life. My son had grown and gone off to college. There is a special story between my son and I that involves a ring and why I have been so involved with him in the quest for his future wife. But that is another story that I will reserve to tell you at a later date.

Right now, I want to take my own experiences and empower your creativity as a woman. I want you to take your stories and bring them to life in front of an audience waiting to hear from you.

What to Write

You don’t have to wait until a tragedy strikes in order for you to write. You can begin right now. Here are some basic steps to get you started.
1. Meditate on Your Life’s Experience

Age has little to do with it. Regardless if you are young, if you are reading this article you have more than likely had some kind of experience in your life. It doesn’t matter if others in this world share your same experience because you also have a unique perspective. Your perspective is the way you view your world from your eyes. An angle someone needs to hear from to help them or give them a new perspective

2. Pick Experiences and Tell a Story

Pick your unique perspective experience(s) and tell it. This is where your brainstorming begins. This is where you will decide if your story will be fiction or nonfiction.

As I mentioned LWH series (fictional stories) started from my personal life experience with my son’s search for a wife. My brainstorming has grown from my experiences to stories that I pray will encourage women to know true love. All because I needed a creative way to express my unique perspective. Or rather to make heads or tails of my son’s quest for love.

3. Write It Down

When you write your story it is extremely powerful. Seeing your words come to life has a way of growing your vision as a writer. A vision that will go far beyond what you could have imagined.

The first time I wrote something close to the stories was to a young friend.  This friend is the “Sophia” character of LWH and one of LWH series contributors with a great taste for fashion. She messaged me making reference to another person who I got my idea for Madam O’Brien’s character. She told me the challenges she was facing with this individual.

I began to counsel her in “code” using the names of the book characters. I became Grace, she Sophia and Madam O’Brien was our topic. When I was done, I saw  I had written a possible scene. Seeing it in writing, ignited a desire in me to see more. And thus began my writing journey for LWH series.

The same for you. Write a scene, outline your ideas. Anything to start seeing your story begin to take form.

4. Share it with Someone

Even if you are at the brainstorming level of your writing, find someone you can share it with. This can be a friend or family member you know who would enjoy the kind of story you plan to write.

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For me, my daughter Sarah was my brainstorming buddy. Then my daughter Rachel has become my editor and writing pal. Lord willing she will be co-authoring Book 4 with me when the time comes. Then my dear best friend Ashley (the “Elise” of LWH series) has totally exploded my brainstorming and writing to a level I never would have dreamed possible because of her contributions to LWH.

As you can see one advantage of sharing your story is the possibility of gaining co-labors to work alongside you because they want to read your story. You have heard the cliche, two heads are better than one. It’s really true. I like how scripture exhorts, “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.” Ecclesiastes 4:9

Another way you can share your story is by creating a Facebook Group of friends and family who are willing to keep you accountable in your progress. Again these are folks who want to see your stories published. They are behind you all the way.  They also offer you excellent feedback and are in prayer for you.

And on days where you wonder “what in the world am I doing?” Having your FB group where someone writes, “I need this book in my life! Write fast! 🙂 ” is a huge motivator.

How will you use your writing talent today?

My heart is inditing a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer. Psalms 45:1


In His hands,
Ann Marie Moore





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